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Christ-centered residential treatment facility

Youth Town of Tennessee is a Christ-centered residential treatment facility for boys ages 12 to 18. With more than 50 years of experience counseling young men battling addiction and behavioral problems, Youth Town has become a place of hope for families in need.

To ensure every child receives care in the best environment possible, Youth Town offers unique programs including River Quest and Christ-centered Outpatient Counseling (for adults and teens). Each program is designed to help teens along the road to recovery by meeting individual needs. George Thomas Jr. Academy, Youth Town’s boarding school ensures residents stay on track in their studies by providing an education tailored to the needs of at-risk youths.

“Things were easier when he was little. When he had a problem we could sit down and talk about it. Now, I’m at the end of my rope and we can’t talk without it being an argument. Time and time again I have tried to get my child who is now a teenager, to do right. But he won’t mind, stays out late, and now I’m finding that he is skipping school. Where can I turn before he gets into real trouble?”