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Because you go the extra mile, young men and women experience irreversible life change.
They serve God and others through a new life of freedom from addiction.

This two-month campaign will raise $300,000 for teens and families to find hope through Youth Town’s Christ-centered, residential treatment program. Building on the legacy of supporters who have served young people for more than 50 years, this year-end initiative focuses on families, facilities and future.


FAMILIES: Each week, Youth Town receives calls from families who do not have the ability to pay and do not have insurance. These kids need help, too.

FACILITIES: Facilities constantly need improvement. Although Youth Town budgets for ongoing maintenance, there are times HVAC units die. Currently, the security camera system needs to be replaced, and a new clinical building is needed at Eden.

FUTURE: Youth Town has a vision to help more kids. Last year there were more than 10,000 kids in Tennessee who needed treatment services but were unable to access help for financial reasons. Addiction can affect any family at any point, and you can help in the fight against it.