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Perhaps one of the most important practices of a parent is the practice of PRESENCE.  In fact, this may be the most significant pieces to solving the puzzle of balancing love and discipline.  Pepper Pratt, Ph.D. and Neil Bomar, MD have a candid conversation about this.

One of the ways to make good decisions with balancing love and discipline is by regularly having the ever-elusive quality time with your children.  Paige Bledsoe, LCSW, Director of Eden for Girls joins Pepper Pratt, Ph.D. Executive Director of Youth Town for a conversation about the difference between quantity time and quality time.

The most common complaint of teenagers is they are not listened to by their parents.  Today, Pepper Pratt, Ph.D. and Neil Bomar, MD talk about how to get better at really listening to the heart of your child.

What is within YOUR control?  YOU!  You can train your child to be trustworthy by MODELING trustworthiness.  Go figure.